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S. Whitney Rahman and Grace C. Nguyen Bond Present at PAHRA’s Spring Conference & Expo

S. Whitney Rahman presented “Sexual and Other Harassment & Retaliation in the Workplace” at the Pennsylvania Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies’ Spring Conference & Expo in Hershey, PA.

With the recent emphasis on the #MeToo movement, it is important for employers to review the legal bases for claims of harassment and retaliation. This presentation covered the latest on this quickly changing legal landscape, as well as practical advice to help managers maintain a workplace free from unlawful harassment and retaliation.

Grace C. Nguyen Bond also presented at the Conference & Expo on “Social Media Policies and Procedure.”

The presentation included tips on when and how to use social media in employment decisions, identified what liability an employer might face without a social media policy and why a clear social media policy is important to have. There was also a discussion about the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel recently issued guidance on acceptable social media polices and what provisions should and should not be included in such social media policies.