Practice Areas

Municipal Law

Our firm enjoys a long-standing relationship with many public bodies. We represent all levels and types of governmental bodies in Lancaster County and City, including the immediate suburban townships, the more rural townships, boroughs, zoning hearing boards, municipal authorities (water, sewer and general purpose) and a redevelopment authority. Currently, our firm serves as solicitor to more than thirty political bodies, including authorities, municipalities, industrial development authorities and zoning boards, and as special counsel to a school district and other local government bodies.

We are involved in the day-to-day activities of our numerous governmental clients. Most typically, our services include attendance at meetings, either regularly or on an as-needed basis, and telephone consultation when and as issues develop. The issues encompass the broad range of problems which confront governmental officials such as zoning issues, liability issues, Sunshine Law and Public Records requirements, employment matters, environmental issues, intergovernmental activities, and condemnation of property for public purposes. We provide advice with respect to duties imposed by various federal and state laws. We regularly draft and review municipal resolutions and ordinances, contracts, bid documents, bonds, and government grant applications, correspond with third parties on behalf of our clients, negotiate, and issue legal opinions.

Our firm is actively involved in municipal financing, assisting municipal clients with tax-exempt financing including bank-qualified loans, and preparing all documents required by the Local Government Unit Debt Act. We advise our municipal clients in matters involving land use legislation to address alternative energy uses as well as environmental concerns, including stormwater management, wetlands and NPDES permitting, wastewater disposal and drinking water production and distribution. We advise our municipal clients on labor and employment issues involving both unionized and non-union employees, and have assisted them in labor negotiations and in the preparation of collective bargaining agreements.

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