Blakinger Thomas Spotlight: Service Access & Management, Inc. (SAM)

Blakinger Thomas is proud to spotlight Service Access & Management, Inc. (SAM).

Service Access & Management, Inc.

Service Access & Management, Inc. (SAM) is a not-for-profit human services corporation, with corporate offices located in Reading, PA. SAM has over 800 full-time employees working in 60+ counties in PA and 6 counties in New Jersey, serving over 25,000 people annually.

SAM has annual revenue in excess of $86,000,000, which includes no fundraising. The large majority of the revenue comes from client service delivery units provided by SAM’s excellent staff and billed to Medicaid.   

The mission of SAM is to help people throughout its service area enhance the quality of their lives by effectively and efficiently managing and/or providing needed, accessible and individually satisfying human services.

PA Counties Served:

SAM’s Vision:

SAM is recognized as a leader in providing high-quality case management to the following populations:

  • Children and Adults with Mental Illness
  • Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Infants and Toddlers from birth to age three (3) who have developmental delays
  • Adults with physical disabilities and/or over the age of 60 who qualify for a nursing home level of care but choose to remain in the community.
  • Children and Adults who are members of Geisinger’s Medicaid Managed Care Program
  • Children and Families in the Child Welfare System
  • School-Age Children who are experiencing issues with Truancy
  • Crisis Intervention Services

SAM’s consulting function supports government entities and other non–profit organizations by providing:

  • Fiscal Management
  • Administration of Government Programs and Initiatives
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

COVID-19 Challenges

The greatest challenge SAM faced during the COVID-19 pandemic has been transitioning to a total telehealth service model; its traditional model of service delivery focuses on face-to-face contact and developing interpersonal relationships with others.

Prior to the pandemic, SAM invested in technology and security to deploy a mobile workforce. Therefore, it was able to adapt and quickly secure any additional resources needed to operate in a virtual landscape. However, many of the individuals and families SAM supports do not have the resources to navigate a virtual world.  SAM continues to explore innovative ways to support individuals and ensure their health and safety.

What SAM is Most Proud Of During This Time

Without question, SAM is most proud of its incredible employees! They are courageous and have adapted to all of the rapid changes that were forced upon them. They are vigilant in ensuring that the people SAM supports know that SAM is “there for them,” while at the same time they continue to meet the needs of their own families.

Lessons Learned as a Result of Working During the Pandemic

SAM has learned that no department within the organization is of greater value than another. The case management staff who are serving the community are supported by SAM’s outstanding IT department so they can function in a remote, virtual capacity. HR adapted their processes; they continue to hire and on-board, and the training department continues to offer training. The financial teams are ensuring that the organization is paid by its funders and that SAM’s employees are paid, while at the same time supporting the county programs and SAM’s non-profit consulting arrangements.

SAM has also learned that the use of video communication can be a very effective and efficient tool, and it plans to continue to use virtual communication in some form after the pandemic. Many staff like the ability to work remotely and are more productive.

SAM is a strong company, with an excellent emphasis on teamwork. Throughout this pandemic, SAM remains true to its mission, vision, and values. SAM is proud to say that it is navigating through this crisis with no furloughs or layoffs. It sincerely believes that its staff is its greatest asset.

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