Blakinger Thomas Spotlight: YWCA Lancaster

Blakinger Thomas is proud to spotlight YWCA Lancaster.

YWCA Lancaster

It’s our second pandemic…

In the fall of 2020, we can say with certainty that everything has changed, and nothing has changed.  The beautiful and historic YWCA building is 100 years old.  In fact, shortly after the building opened in 1918, the pandemic of the era forced a closure that must have broken the hearts of the stalwart women who had worked for nearly 30 years to see their vision of a home for women and community come to fruition.  After reopening, YWCA got to work on the issue of the day, educating women about their new right to vote, teaching how to use a ballot and helping them learn to make smart election choices.

Today, our building is closed to the public due to this pandemic, but our work hasn’t slowed. Last month we launched the Center for Racial and Gender Equity to meet another important community need.  Our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women is not achieved, and a focused effort, with new partners and initiatives, has been birthed.  Meeting this mission will require all of us, and we plan to provide the tools needed at every level.  Community engagement, training and education, and research and advocacy will be informed by best practices and current data as we craft initiatives to move our community closer to this vision.

We still are a home to women as we were on day one.  We are also a home to men and children who experience homelessness in our county.  We are the Lancaster provider of sexual assault prevention and counseling support.  We provide quality childcare for hundreds of working families every day.  With these programs we are sometimes a last chance and sometimes a first hope by providing the services needed most in our community.

YWCA Lancaster is for the whole community. Join us. View our website at: